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Let goed op of u de juiste onderdelen bestelt. Aan retourneren zijn hoge kosten verbonden. Elektrisch en mechanisch technische onderdelen kunnen NIET worden geretourneerd.

Achten Sie genau darauf, wenn Sie die richtigen Teile bestellen. Die Rucksendung ist mit hohen Kosten verbunden. Elektrische und mechanische technische Teile konnen NICHT zuruckgegeben werden.

Pay close attention if you order the right parts. There are high costs associated with returning. Electrical and mechanical technical parts can NOT be returned.



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MM-Opelparts was founded in 1989 and has ever since acquired an unique place in the market. Due to the broad assortment of quality car parts for all conventional makes, MM-Opelparts was able to grow into a company which ships its parts worldwide. MM-Opelparts delivers new original as well as used and aftermarket parts. The parts with the Master Quality indication are parts with the price benefit of aftermarket parts, but are qualitatively equal to their original equivalent.
The assortment is expanded to include:
-Body parts
-Brake parts
-Gearboxes / Transmission
-Cylinder heads
-Engine components as EGR-valves, turbos and Throttle bodies.

Opel specialist

As Opel specialist, MM-Opelparts has a very wide range of new original Opel parts for Opel models from young (Adam, Astra, Insignia, Mokka) to old (Admiraal, Commodore, Manta, Kadett). Original parts guarantee a high quality and perfect fit. In addition to the broad assortment, MM-Opelparts has personnel with profound expert knowledge. This, together with our elaborate international network of suppliers, enables MM-Opelparts to supply parts which are nowhere else to be found.

Opel supporter
MM-Opelparts is a great supporter of Opel and Opel enthusiasts. Therefore MM-Opelparts organizes the yearly Big International Opel Meeting (www.opeltreffen). This event is called the most beautiful event of the year by a lot of the visitors. It is therefore not surprising that each year the event attracts hundreds of visitors from all out of Europe. Since MM-Opelparts is convinced that it is very important to have a lively Opel community, MM-Opelparts has developed the Opel Calendar (www.opelkalender.nl). Opel related events can be listed on this calendar free of charge. This enables the Opel fan to easily see where Opel related events will be held.

Buying of parts

MM-Opelparts regularly buys smaller or bigger lots of car parts. Please contact(link) MM-Opelparts for more information or when you have parts to offer.